Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Beginning Anew...

I feel a curiosity rising in me in this new season: what am I drawn to in my CrossFit rhythms? Are there particular goals I have in mind for the next couple of months? The end of a school semester always brings this arising in me, of course. It feels good to let go of this batch of students–the ones I’ll miss and the ones I really won’t. To let go of the texts and topics that focused my energies for months. Put the books back on the shelf. Take a deep breath before the next semester begins (in six days). Consider what I love as a whole and discern a bit–am I living my wild and precious life as I desire, as I can?

The biggest shift for me here is my training rhythms, no longer stretched between two CF boxes/communities. While I am sad for that change in many ways, I DO recognize that it makes my training a bit simpler. Instead of two communities, two training plans, and my embodied dance between them for connection and fitness, I listen and decide between one stream of programming and my own felt-sense, Whoop-confirmed choices for deepening my body’s capacities, play, strengthening.

I’m back into clean-eating habits, for the most part, if enjoying no-carb cocktails from time to time. I’ve grown curious about the amount of protein would help me thrive in the strength-training/CF practice I love. One recommendation was 1g/1lb of bodyweight. Really? I’ve begun to increase my intake, which does balance the fats/carbs, but it takes concerted effort to get that much protein into my system. I do love the lack of cravings when I fuel clean and well. Even when on a cruise-ship, I know to front-load protein and enjoy the splurges only with dinner. I’ve maintained my weight etc. for nearly 2-3 years now, even as the inside-voices continue to bother me about losing weight. Letting those go… 

One conversation with a coach yesterday confirmed some of my unexpected focus on running for me this summer. I’ve dipped into the 10K app with its interval runs, knowing that my pace could improve a lot. I’ve tended to focus on slow-and-steady distance, but what might aiming for a timed-mile goal offer me? Satisfaction or just more anxiety? I wonder… I may actually show-up for the running WOD, even as I’ll certainly be last on the leaderboard.

I continue to gently increase my upper-body mobility things, before and after each workout, sometimes just during the day while I’m computer-surfing. The pull-up program still irritates my left deltoid muscle, so I’ve just contented myself with mobility and doing what feels good.

The push-up challenge has begun again, toward the Murph event at the end of the month. For the first time in 4-5 years, I won’t be doing that in any collective fashion. I’ll be on an Alaskan cruise for Memorial Day itself. Pity. :) Perhaps midsummer, I’ll do my own rendition of it from home. I enjoy the extra nudge for upper-body and core-strengthening.

So, for now:

Increased protein intake, perhaps signing onto an online nutrition community for the web-of-support I find so helpful

Increasing my running pace by 1 minute

Upper-body mobility, with possible professional PT help later this summer, to see if I learn anything new